Reiki and the Animal Kingdom

We know that animals are very sensitive to our environment and the energies that surround us. They sense, hear and see things that we are not aware of. Animals are very familiar with the Reiki energy and almost always are very welcoming of it.

How can Reiki Help your Pet

Reiki is a gentle loving all around modality. It can help your pet in many different ways. It is a great addition to conventional and natural path medicine. It is not invasive and the animal does not need to be confined. With Reiki your pet can heal much faster from any surgery, injury or illness. Since Reiki helps release tension, the body absorbs medication much easier and wounds heal faster.

Not only does it help with the physical it also helps with the emotional and spiritual aspect of an animals’ life. For example, a pet that is hyper active, has separation anxiety or is very fearful can be helped to relax. An animal who had been abandon, abused or neglected and their spirit has been broken can also benefit from Reiki. It can help them regain their confidence and feel safe again. Animals are usually very receptive to energy healing and most pets / animals understand the concept since they give healing energy themselves.

With Reiki the animal is in control they can come as close as they want or stay at a safe distance. It still works.

Francis Abdopted

Francis after Reiki

Francis Recovered

Francis Story

Francis came into my life years ago right after I became a Reiki practitioner. I was still questioning my abilities to be a clear and open channel to this beautiful Reiki energy.

It was early one morning, I was on my way to my first appointment when I noticed on the left side of the road something black jumping. I took a closer look and I realized it was a little black kitten she had just been struck by a car. She was convulsing in the middle of the street. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I could not leave her there. I thought for sure she was going to die. I picked her up so she wouldn't die alone and scared. I wrapped her up in a towel and did the only thing I could do at that time. It was to give her Reiki. I prayed to God and Saint Francis (Who is the patron of the animals) to please take her and not allow her to suffer any longer. I kept her with me throughout my appointment and I continued sending her Reiki, to allow her to pass in peace. When my appointment was over I looked at her, she had picked up her head and was looking up at me. My heart melted and my eyes welled up with tears. I immediately canceled the rest of my day and took her to the Vet.

The diagnosis was not good. The Vet. said she had a brain hemorrhage and a broken eardrum. In his opinion, she would not survive 48 hours. If by a slim chance she did, she would suffer neurological problems. The Vet. gave her Cortisone to make her comfortable. Long story short Francis is five years old and she does not suffer from neurological problems. I call her my Reiki baby.

This is Frosty receiving Reiki
Reiki Session for Animals

Reiki Session for Animals

60 minute session           $80.00

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