Reiki Classes

Reiki I & II

HOLY FIRE II USUI REIKI I & II CLASSES. This is a 2 day class including the manual - $410.00 ($205.00 deposit) balance of $205.00.

Our two-day intensive course is ideal for students looking to achieve a certificate as a Holy Fire II Usui Reiki I & II practitioner.

Your lesson plans includes:

A.R.T / Master Teacher

HOLY FIRE II USUI REIKI MASTER CLASS - ADVANCED REIKI CLASS. This is a 3 day class including the manual- $ 1,025.00 ($325.00 deposit) balance of $700.00.

The advanced Reiki class is available to students who complete the Reiki level I & II classes, and have been practicing and using Reiki Energy for a minimum of six months. This one-day class runs before the Master Reiki Teacher class.

Throughout this class, students have the opportunity to learn more about the following topics:

Upon the completion of the Advanced Reiki Class, the next step is Reiki Master Class. This course allows plenty of practice time and provides an opportunity to learn more in-depth about Reiki.

Your lesson plans includes:

Karuna Master Teacher

HOLY FIRE II KARUNA Reiki MASTER CLASS. This is a 3 day class including the manual. - $ 1,025.00 ($325.00 deposit) balance of $700.00.

This is the next level after ART/Usui Reiki (Master) level. If you desire to receive Holy Fire Karuna and have already taken ART/Reiki Master training or the Reiki Master teacher level, this training is for you! Prerequisite: Practicing Reiki Master (teacher level) for at least 6 months, preferably 1 year. You must provide copies of your Reiki I, II, and Master certificates if you are a new student.

Your lesson plan includes:


WORKSHOPS - $60.00 ( $30.00 to secure your spot and $30.00 the morning of the workshop)

The Oasis Workshop takes place one Saturday a month from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. You will enjoy a delicious Champagne breakfast, followed by a wonderful and insightful workshop. You will have the opportunity to interact with amazing spiritual people like yourselves in a safe judgment-free environment. The workshops will be different every month with one theme in common. They will be aimed at giving you tools to help you navigate this journey we call life. Follow us on Facebook for information on the upcoming workshops.


Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading Class - $250.00 ( $100.00 deposit ) balance of $150.00.

Your lesson plan includes:



A non-refundable, but transferable, registration fee per class is required in order to register.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of one week notice is required in order to cancel and transfer your registration fee. Your registration fee may be used toward another class within a year of the date set for the class originally canceled.

Payment Policy

Remaining balances are due two days before the day of your class, if paying by debit or credit card. Cash payments may be made no later than the morning of the class for which you've registered.